Experimental Glazed Insets -- Peony Leaf
glazed ceramic
5 3/4" x 5 3/4" x 1 1/2"

About twenty-five plus years ago when I was quite interested in relief space was also interested in relating my reliefs and sculpture to architecture. I also thought it would be interesting to make work that could be part of furniture or room decor. I was thinking of the ceramic inlays that are sometimes incorporated into old fireplace mantles that I had seen, and the decorated Bloomsbury interiors and Charles Rennie Mackintosh chairs I had seen in pictures.
The idea never took off, which is to say I never found anyone who caught my idea. What I made was just one half of the idea - lyrics without a tune (or the other way around), so to speak. I needed to find an architect or builder to collaborate with and complete the expression.

All these works are about 5 inches in the vertical direction.

I am always interested in comments and observations.
Ceramic Insets for Furniture or Room Decor